LEGAL NEWS: Lawsuit Seeking to Reimburse Legal Fees For Former Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader Is Denied


KHADER LAWSUIT: Westchester County Judge #MelissaLoehrRules ThatFormer #YonkersCityCouncil President Mike J Khader Can’t Force Taxpayers In The City of Yonkers To Pay For His Legal Fees

If #MikeKhader, esq had receive compensation by the court ruling; then that money would come from the #Yonkers tax-payer funded budget.

Mike Khader, esq was seeking over $70K In his lawsuit against The City of Yonkers and Corporate Council Matthew Gallagher.

Mike Khader, esq also has a second lawsuit against council members, Mayor #MikeSpano, Ron Matten and others….

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