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MAKING IT HAPPEN: Tia Latrell is Founder, Owner, Floral Artist and Designer of Latrell Flowers, LLC .

ENTREPRENEUR SCORES IN THE START UP GAME: Tia Latrell works alongside her business partner, Cynthia Hudson-Laney who also happens to be the Book Author of the Enchanting Mystery, "Something Strange in My Town".

She is a detailed and passionate Floral Artist and Designer that strives for excellence in every piece of her work. Latrell Flowers provides floral artistry for all occasions, specializing in crafting custom floral arrangements.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: Latrell Flowers began in 2010 in Baltimore Maryland as a sole proprietor. Latrell Flowers began their operation in their Maryland home basement.

Tia Latrell of Latrell Flowers always knew what her vision was and aspired to obtain and operate from her self-owned storefront location, along with many other goals that she has brought to life.

All of these goals did not manifest without unspeakable hardships.

Latrell Flowers started as a floral artistry company providing custom floral arrangements for all occasions.

After four years of Latrell Flowers operating as a sole proprietor, Latrell Flowers began its operation as an LLC.

Roughly a year into Latrell Flowers becoming a LLC, they expanded their services.

Latrell Flowers began to customize sports items for all occasions.


Tia Latrell always had a vision of working with sports teams where not only the flowers of Latrell Flowers would be showcased, but Tia Latrell always knew that her creative idea of customized bedazzled balls would give her a fighting chance of being recognized by the NFL, particularly the Baltimore Ravens being that Latrell Flowers is based in Maryland.

Latrell Flowers also had aspirations of working with various NFL Teams which she has also brought to life.

Needless to say, Tia Latrell brought those visions to life.

In 2016, Latrell Flowers partnered with the Sports Marketing Company for the Baltimore Ravens Sports Players where the Custom Made Floral Designs and Custom Designed Bedazzled Footballs and Sports Paraphernalia of Latrell Flowers have been displayed and featured with the Baltimore Ravens at Various Celebrity Events.

The Custom Designed Footballs have been featured on the Nest which aired in the year 2016 on ABC2 News with Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver, Steve Smith Sr.

Latrell Flowers worked closely with Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver, Steve Smith Sr. and was honored to work on behalf of various Steve Smith Sr. affairs, and various Baltimore Ravens Events.

Latrell Flowers was most honored to service the Retirement Party of Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver, Steve Smith Sr. with Latrell Flowers Custom Floral Arrangements, and Steve Smith Sr. was presented with a Latrell Flowers Custom Designed Bedazzled Diamond Football by Tia Latrell of Latrell Flowers.

To give more history about Latrell Flowers.

Latrell Flowers was launched in 2010 and has 15 years of Floral Artistry experience as its foundation. 

The Floral Designs of Latrell Flowers have graced various forums and stages. Latrell Flowers was honored in being the Floral Artist for the year 2011 for the largest Funeral Home Directory,, and holds the 2015 Trailblazer Women’s Award for Women in the New Era Making a Difference in Today’s World for Leadership, Commitment, and Inspiration.

In the year 2016, the number one Educational and Entrepreneurial Resource Magazine for Minority Young Adults, B.O.S.S. Magazine featured Latrell Flowers in issues 28 and 30.

Latrell Flowers was also the winner of the 2016 Global Influential Businesswoman

Awards and is featured in the Acquisition International of England and Wales as the

Best Small to Medium Enterprise Businesswoman of Baltimore.

Latrell Flowers was also the 2016 Businesswoman Elite Awards Winner of Maryland from Corporate America Magazine, the Voice of Wall Street. Latrell Flowers was recognized as the 2016 - 2017 Best Woman Owned Florist of Maryland and was awarded for Excellence in Custom Flower Designs.

In the year 2017, Latrell Flowers introduced their New Women and Men’s Apparel, Accessory and House-ware Line. In the year 2017, Latrell Flowers was also recognized Globally by Acquisition International as the Most the Outstanding Customized Floral Designs & Arrangements - Maryland.

In the year 2018, Latrell Flowers received a Global Excellence Award being named the Most Trusted for Wedding Floral Designs and Arrangements - Maryland by Acquisition International of the United Kingdom, the voice of modern business. In the year 2018, Latrell Flowers also made numerous appearances on Radio One Baltimore, where their wide range of services were showcased, and their steady involvement in the community was highlighted.

In the year 2019, Latrell Flowers partnered with the Baltimore Ravens Former Safety, ED Reed Foundation and were honored to sponsor the “Ed Reed Placards”, for the Ed Reed Hall of Fame Golf Tournament.

In that same year, Latrell Flowers added many more accomplishments to their Brand. Latrell Flowers became an Ambassador for the Peoples Shark and Star of ABC’s Shark Tank, Founder and Creator of FUBU, “Daymond John." Latrell Flowers became an Ambassador for the USA National Best Seller, “Powershift”, by Daymond John with Daniel Paisner.


In the same year of 2019, Latrell Flowers was named and received recognition as one of “Baltimore‘s Best Flower Shops for Flower Delivery”, by Flower Delivery Reviews based in Canada. Latrell Flowers was then chosen to establish and operate an Amazon Storefront as an Amazon Influencer.

After the success of becoming an Amazon Influencer in 2019, and establishing a full service Amazon Storefront, Latrell Flowers was faced with unfathomable back to back family losses. Through the Grace of God and faith, Latrell Flowers remained determined and diligent in continuing with the operation of business after the loss of her father in 2016. After the third family loss we were going into the year 2020, and little did we know that the world would be faced with the unthinkable pandemic.

The world soon shut down in every sense of the word. Throughout that turbulent and trying time, Latrell Flowers continued to remain steadfast in the safe operation of business. It certainly was not without heartache, pain, strain and an insurmountable amount of stress.

It was only through faith that Latrell Flowers continued to persevere throughout the unimaginable pandemic and revamp operations in order to continue business. Like the saying goes, there can be no success without turbulence leading to triumph. 


In the World changing year of 2020, the efforts, diligence, operation and artistry of Latrell Flowers did not go unnoticed. In the summer of 2020, Latrell Flowers and partner, Cynthia Hudson-Laney was chosen for a Live Billboard Promotion in New York City's Times Square.

Latrell Flowers was displayed on four Live Billboards in New York City's Times Square. That was the fuel that was needed for Latrell Flowers to continue in the fight in the year 2020.

Our motto is every detail matters because you never know who is watching.

Not long after the Time Square Billboard Showing of Latrell Flowers in September of 2020, Latrell Flowers was Spotlighted by BBB Greater Maryland.

The article reads:

Today we would like to shine the spotlight on Tia Latrell, who is a proud African American business owner! She is the founder of Latrell Flowers and strives for excellence in every piece of her work. 

In the same month of September 2020, Latrell Flowers, LLC was honored for its sponsorship to be included in the Founders Walkway of, “Ed Reed,” Baltimore Ravens Hall of Fame Inductee St. Rose Public Park located in Ed’s Hometown of St. Rose, LA. 

In the year 2021, Latrell Flowers partnered with an Italy based shoe wear company located in Le Marche Italy known as the Shoe Valley District and launched their New High Fashion Latrell Flowers Custom Shoe Wear. 

In the same year of 2021, Latrell Flowers was named once again, “One of Baltimore’s Best Flower Delivery Services by Best Florist Reviews".

Latrell Flowers most recent awards from the year 2021 and 2022 are their most prized awards yet, being recognized as the winner of Acquisition International Magazines Influential Businesswoman Awards and named the, “USA Most Influential Floral Artist 2021 and in 2022, Latrell Flowers was named the Acquisition International “USA” Woman Run Floral Design Business of the Year.

The Latrell Flowers Custom Made Floral Arrangements, Custom Bedazzled Sports Items and the Custom Shoe Wear have been displayed, highlighted, recognized and sold in Vintage, Consignment and Antique Stores.

The Floral Designs of Latrell Flowers have also landed and been showcased and sold in Baltimore City Hall, Laurel Maryland City Hall, the Laurel Board of Trade Inc, the African American Firefighters Historical Society (AAFFHS), and a host of other venues.

The Custom Arrangements, Bedazzled Sports Items, Custom Apparel and Custom Shoe have been showcased and displayed in Celebrity Sports Games, Celebrity Golf Tournaments, and a host of Celebrity Engagements, Weddings, Ceremonies, Anniversaries, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Engagement Celebrations, Proms, Remembrance Celebrations, Parades, Special Events and Milestone Projects.

Latrell Flowers, LLC holds certifications as an MBE, DBE, SBE and WBE and also holds a Certificate of Authority in New York State. Latrell Flowers is also a proud member of Visit Baltimore and the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce.

Latrell Flowers mission is to inspire and capture attention to the various forms of art through floral artistry and their various forms of art that can inspire all. The Company's motto is to “Keep God first in all that you do and you will be blessed abundantly.”

Tia Latrell of Latrell Flowers has been relentless in making her dreams come to light. 

She has always and will forever make it her goal to capture the public’s eye in sharing her artistic gifts with the world and striving and achieving excellence. “She loves what she does and never takes a minute of it for granted.”


As a small business owner and a floral artist, Latrell Flowers has faced numerous setbacks as a result of the pandemic, and Owner, Tia Latrell says she became driven by her imperative goal to recoup all of the losses her business has sustained as a result of the pandemic.

To reach that goal, Latrell says that she became committed to providing customers with exceptional service, while enhancing her products and services. 

The list of services that Latrell Flowers provides some of which were birthed out of the pandemic and continue to thrive are as follows: Customized Floral Arrangements, custom apparel, custom shoe-wear, custom accessories, custom house-ware and bedazzled custom sports items. Latrell Flowers also operates an Amazon Storefront as an Amazon Influencer where you can shop all of your favorite products!

You can visit her website at to access all of our services, or call at (410) 733-7937 to place a flower order.

You can also purchase the book, "Something Strange in My Town", written by Book Author and Manager of Latrell Flowers, Cynthia Hudson-Laney by visiting:

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